Reblog Friday: Guys with Pencils

It’s Reblog Friday here at Fly Machine Pictures!  Do you love animation?  Comics?  Video games?  Are you looking for a podcast that’s inspiring, informative, and entertaining?   Guys with Pencils is just that, and then some.   Join cohosts Adam Hines and Andrew Murray as they interview industry professionals from their Toronto-based apartment in a casual, round-table setting.  Here are a couple of our favorite interviews so far (contains some NSFW language):

Guys With Pencils Ep98 - The Business of Art With Stephen Silver


(photo courtesy

Guys With Pencils Ep 62 - How Do You Make A Comic? Ask Tyson Hesse


(picture courtesy Boxer Hockey)

Guys With Pencils Ep 86 - Artistic Therapy with Jason Groh

(picture courtesy Guys with Pencils)

Hope you enjoy!

- Jess

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